Friday, 4 October 2013

London OmniBus: By the Fleet

Officially at 0300 tomorrow morning, Byfleet (BF) garage will become London OmniBus property.

We'd like to firstly thank L1/Group for their cooperation behind the transferal and the drivers who are switching companies to become part of our wonderful team.

In the run up to the addition of BF to our garage collection, it was decided to transfer a few other commercial services which we already operate to the garage. These include:
Route 218 - Staines to Kingston
Route 218A - Staines to Shepperton
Route 701 - Heathrow Central to Woking (National Express Railair)
The buses have been transferred accordingly.

Finally, refurbishments for other buses are currently under the way smoothly, and I will update you again soon!


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