Monday, 7 October 2013

Henlev Group News: Cornish pasty

Henlev Buses in London are proud to have gained the 411 contract from Quality Line. 8 Mercedes Benz Citaro 12m have been ordered for the route which will run from our Walton & Molsey garage.

The T88 trials have been somewhat successful with a Caetano Nimbus and a Dennis Dart proving to be the most suitable buses for this route. Therefore, 5 Enviro E25H's will be ordered for the route. These should be in service by the end of the year. Until then, spares will continue to be used on this service.

The new SDE's entered service on the 598 two weeks ago, however SDE4 was involved in a RTI, so PP01 has been transferred back to Barwell to replace it while it is sent for repairs at Alexander Dennis.

Henlev is also in the process of buying Coaches Etc's division, Buses etc. The services run by Buses Etc would transfer to Chessington garage, but the coaches will remain at Dorking South as the garage will still be owned by Coaches Etc. If the deal goes ahead, the purchase price would be £1 million 
 More bad news comes here as one MCA (Citaro G) has caught fire whilst operating the 18 (Newport - Apse heath). All MAL's have been withdrawn and all but one is awaiting scrap. The one not being scrapped will be sent as a donation to the Isle of Wight bus museum for preservation.

Route replanning is well underway with timetables and duties being compiled for the new 1 service replacing current routes 4 and 5. The current route 1 will be renumbered 10 and will continue to run as normal. New route 1 will provide more frequent services between Ryde/Newport and East Cowes.
New night services will also follow soon

A new addition to Henlev south is Western Greyhound! We are already looking into replacing the fleet with new wheelchair accesible vehicles. Henlev is also looking into the takeover of Emsworth and District. If sold, we would be buying it for around £1.5 million. In purchasing Western Greyhound, we will rename it Henlev West. Here is a prototype logo

Thats all from Henlev for this month, Goodbye!

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