Monday, 21 October 2013

London OmniBus Updates

Time for your regular London OmniBus update!

Recent tender awards announced that we have won routes 223 and 420, and intend to operate both with existing MAN/MCV buses. Route 421 will get new Tempos replacing the MAN/MCVs.

Route 420 is a new route which runs from Heathrow Terminal 6 to Denham via West Drayton and Iver. As it follows the busiest part of commercial route 45, the 45 will be withdrawn when the 420 contract begins. What will be done with the three Optare Versas has yet to be decided. Route 41 will continue to operate between Terminal 6 and Britwell, albeit with an amended timetable including a few services terminating at West Drayton Rail Stn.

Over the course of the next few weeks, many buses are being refurbished including MAN/MCVs for Byfleet routes, Scania OmniCitys for route 195, Wright Meridian 113 for route 701 and 114 for route 218A. In addition, three buses are set to be withdrawn and either sold on or scrapped, these being 152 (CB52BUS), 104 (CU04AMK) and 106 (CU56AVP).

The MAN 18.290 / Plaxton President buses will arrive in late November to convert route 195 to double-deck, and one more B5LH / President has been ordered to take up services at Harrow Weald (HD).

That's all for now, another update will precede once any more major changes are announced!

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