Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Croydon Buses Mini-Update

This is a small update to keep you up to date with the latest stuff at Croydon Buses Ltd. We have recently purchased 2 buses, both of which are Dart Pointers. These are; MX56YHE (PDL2), a 10.7m Dart Pointer for Route 445, our new commercial route between Biggin Hill and East Croydon, Bus Garage running every 2 hours. Another bus we have purchased is AE53GHF (PDL1), a 8.8 metre Dart Pointer for Route 445, as a spare bus. We have since refurbished these buses, and here are some pictures! (PDL1 is pictured on test run at Waddon Marsh, PDL2 is on Wellesley Road doing route learning)
PDL1 at Waddon Marsh tram stop, route learning. It seems one of our drivers got a little lost!
PDL2 in Wellesley Road, route learning. That's it from us, we'll update you in 2 weeks, cheerio!

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