Monday, 30 September 2013

L1/Group News September 2013

General Note:
The Loaned Fleet (with same numbers): 
ex-Metroline VP317-347, 466-472, 474, 476, 477, 479. Code VPN  These will be returned when the 409 passes to Croydon Buses in 2014.
ex-GAL WVL124-126, on loan from Southdown PSV. Code WVN. These are expected to be returned when we lose the 266.

L1/Heathrow Buses

Heathrow North (HN)
The "Slough Locals" DEs are being refurbished and repainted to a base yellow:
DE391-399, DE494-504

All diesel buses from the 23 (except TEN111) will be repainted in Green Line livery, converted to LED displays (a first for L1/Group) with white LEDs, have an interior refit and be converted to one door for use on Green Line 701/702 when they are gained in November.

Some buses will be used on the 409 from November under the temporary contract, mainly VPNs will be used, the same buses used on the 408.

TE1256, the E45H demonstrator with non-standard doors is now in service on the 140 and 335.
The Volvo B5TL demonstrator is at HN, coded VTN1090 and will run from 2nd October on the 105. This will run on the 105 for three weeks before moving to SA for the 456.

Southall (SA)
Due to bus shortages, the conversion of Route 456 to full allocated double decker with increased frequency will be deferred, thus incurring penalties for us (it is currently allocated single deckers, but using mostly double deckers due to overcrowding). This has also led to Route 195 being pressured to be double decked too.
Both conversions are expected to be done by February. 
New E45Hs are being built for the 456 at this time (TE1300-1325), with TE1300 expected in service in November.

An experimental Optare Versa EV (Electric Vehicle), OVE1, will be trialled not in service tracing route 456 as part of a bid with other companies to see if electric buses can be used on certain routes.

The loss of the 7 means more E40Hs can be converted to E45Hs at a faster rate, and also allows space at SA. Route N7 will move to SA as of 2nd November.

The first of the early deliveries for the 83 contract is starting, with TE1258 (E45H) in service on the 456 already as of last week.

Brentford (DI)
All ex-First buses have L1/Group logos applied and are in a refurbishment at HN at the moment. 

We say farewell to one of our most popular routes - the 266. It is moving to London United, leaving TEs able to cover the 23 and relieve the spare buses issue for once! This also allows the WVNs to return to Southdown PSV.

Wembley (WE)
NBfLs from the trial at DI are at WE for driver training for Route 16.
Due to the future loss of the 18 and N18, N18 will move to WE from 2nd November.

Fulwell (LF)
All the E45Hs (some are converted from new E40H, some are newly built E45Hs) are ready for routes 85 and 213, for the takeover on the 2nd October. If you are lucky, one might be on driver training!

L1/Romford Buses

Upminster (UP)
The first Volvo B5LH/Plaxton President for the East London Transit is at UP for evaluation.
The full allocation of the 25 will now not include HO, thus increasing the allocation for UP.
Routes 147 and 238 will now have part allocations at UP to relieve U/HO. Route W14 will also move to UP to relieve HO for the 48/55/N55 win.
The first production E45H, TE1257 is in service in UP, running mainly on the 5 and 248.

Hackney (HO)
Routes 25 (the full HO allocation), 425 will move to SD in order to make room for new wins of 48 and 55/N55. E45H has been ordered for 55/N55, Volvo B5LH/Wright Gemini 3 (most) and Plaxton President (4) have been ordered for the 48. The Volvo Gemini 3s will be coded VT.

Stratford (SD)
Routes 25 (full HO allocation), 425 will move to SD. Existing TELs and TEs for the 25/425 will move for the change, which will happen before 2nd November.

Upton Park (U)
Route 147 will now have a part allocation at UP to create space.

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