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Heathrow Buses 10 - Heathrow North and Southall Garage Open Day 02/11/2013 Details

Heathrow Buses 10th Anniversary and L1/Group 5th Anniversary.
Open Hours:
HN: 1010-2000hrs
SA: 1109-1600hrs

A day for the family and the transport enthusiast. Heathrow Buses are celebrating their 10th birthday, and the 10th anniversary of the first bus running out of HN garage back in the old site, at midnight of 1st November 2003, a new Trident ALX400 left HN for Route 140. Also, on the 1st November 2008, the most hectic garage move began as in less than 7 hours, from 0000hrs to 0650hrs, the whole of HN staff, buses and offices moved to the new site, with also 5 years of the first new bus leaving the current site. This also celebrates the 5th anniversary of the new HN site and the L1/Group, also formed on 1st November 2008.

Enter through the eastern entrance, just off Colnbrook By-Pass. Car Parking is in the field opposite to the garage, which is not recommended, due to limited space, and using Heathrow car parks have better space and safer parking. Heathrow North Garage itself, although is very large, has no car parking facilities for visitors due to the size of the event. Using the 7series buses from Heathrow Terminals is recommended, as it is free to use them from Heathrow to HN. Using public transport is the best way to get to HN. To cross Colnbrook By-Pass, a temporary crossing with lights will be fitted for the day (with permission with Slough Borough Council).
Shuttle buses will run between various places, and feeder services will run as following (vehicles are not confirmed):

15: Hornchurch Garage-Heathrow North Garage (via 5-115-15-N9)
91: Wimbledon-Heathrow North Garage (via 156-X91)
111: Hammersmith-Heathrow North Garage (via 190-490-111)
111: West Croydon-Heathrow North Garage (via N4-N111)
140: Watford Junction-Heathrow North Garage (via 395-140)
666: Edgware-Heathrow North Garage (via 142-266-190-490)
724: Chelmsford-Heathrow North Garage
726: Dartford-Heathrow North Garage
436: Weybridge Station-Heathrow North Garage
441X: Bracknell-Heathrow North Garage
474: Oxford-Heathrow North Garage
X1: Reading-Heathrow North Garage

Shuttles & Rides:
9X: Aldwych-Heathrow North Garage stopping only at Hyde Park Corner, Turnham Green (in order to be able to cover the 15/392 NBfL conversions)
81C: Slough-Heathrow North Garage (in order to see the Beeline in action)
111: Heathrow North Garage-Kingston
140: Hayes & Harlington Station-Heathrow North Garage
441: Bracknell-Heathrow North Garage (in order to see the Beeline in action)
813: Feltham Station-Heathrow North Garage
T123: Heathrow Central-T6-Hatton Cross-T4-T5-Heathrow North Garage
105: Southall Garage-Heathrow North Garage (for Southall Open Day)
224: Laleham-Uxbridge via Heathrow North Garage

Tours of the ADL and refurbishment part of the depot, including E45H/E25H conversion and production stages will depart every 15 minutes using golf buggies from the ADL Stand, with an L1/Group "Bus Stop" pointing to route "45".

There are buses, coaches on display, including other companies, preserved buses and much much more, including stalls and activities! Walking tours of the garage occur on a regular basis throughout the day. After 1900hrs - weather permitting - people will be allowed to the roof balcony where people can view planes from a new point of view! People will be able to use the bus training simulator, driving part/full Route 111, 392, 456 and X91 virtually. Or even start up a bus, and prepare a bus for a certain route's service!

A "fun bus" will be available - where you can get your children to design, build and make their own paper buses, amongst other things!

Southall Garage are also holding their open day (with guided tours) on this day, and shuttle runs to and from that garage. This includes setting up buses for service (and how to turn on an engine of a bus) and buses on display. There is also the official opening of the new Southall Garage extension ceremony. From both garages, there is a raffle to see what

Some activities are in association with Brentford FC, Heathrow Airport and Philippine Airlines (who are running all running stalls, and each unveil 1 new all over advert on one double decker and single decker).

Notable scheduled events:
1000hrs - the unveiling of the new Beeline livery and brand will be unveiled as the gates open (note there ARE buses that will run with Beeline livery before official unveiling)
1010hrs - the official opening of the HN Open Day
1109hrs - 105 buses run to Southall Garage for tours of the garage (guided walking tours). SA Extension Opening Ceremony.
1111hrs - special visit from famous musical artists
1200hrs - unveiling of special presents to Au and Ronnie
1300hrs - 7series presentation, Philippine Airlines partnership presentation and unveiling of all over adverts on 6 buses.
1350hrs - tour of the HN Control Room (every 15mins for 2hrs only)
1500hrs - Conductor Training Practicals (until 2000hrs)
1600hrs - Raffle Results.
1700hrs - Blind Making Tours (and make your own blind display - costs £10) (until 2000hrs)
1800hrs - BAA Heathrow Customer Training Practicals (one session)
1830hrs - Brentford FC vs HN Staff/Visitors Indoor Football Match (45mins only)
1900hrs - Roof Tours
2000hrs - HN Open Day finishes.

Catering - there is a restaurant and canteen open for the whole day, at the eastern end with the other facilities.

Toilets - there are many scattered around the building, accessible toilets are mainly towards the office/restaurant side of the building, and the ADL works area.

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