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L1/Group News August 2013

General Note:
The Loaned Fleet (with same numbers): 
ex-Metroline VP317-347, 466-472, 474, 476, 477, 479. Code VPN 
ex-GAL WVL124-126, on loan from Southdown PSV. Code WVN

Also, a new record for record setting Heathrow North - after the northern expansion of the building at Heathrow North to make 75% of the site under one building, the building itself has just gained the Guinness World Record for largest building in volume and land footprint, beating Boeing's Everett Factory - ironically also near an airfield, and the flower market in the Netherlands.

Finally, all the L1/Group E20H and E40H with modifications have meant they are now new models called E25H and E45H by ADL. The default London ADL integral hybrid products are now the E25H and E45H.

L1/Heathrow Buses

Heathrow North (HN)

The "Slough Locals" DEs are being refurbished and repainted to a base yellow:
DE391-399, DE494-504

Most former Abellio Surrey buses have been returned to lessors or Abellio, and the OTNs/DEs have now replaced them into service from HN, converted 1 route at a time. Some routes will transfer to London OmniBus to help with their bus excess (and our bus shortage). These are:
39A: Chobham-Woking (Mon, Wed, Fri)
39B: Hermitage Estate-Woking (Thurs)
39C: Claydon Road-Woking (Tues, Thurs)
40: Ripley-Woking (Tues)
81: Woking-Barnesbury Estate
84: Chobham-Collingwood College SCHOOLDAYS ONLY
570: Ashford Tesco/Staines-Grovebarns loop (Mon, Wed, Fri)
571/572: Staines-Grange Farm (Mon-Fri Limited Service)
574: Ashford-Sunbury Tesco (Tues, Thurs)
637: Byfleet-Salesian School SCHOOLDAYS ONLY
663: Walton-Esher High School SCHOOLDAYS ONLY
690: Worplesdon-Kingfield Green SCHOOLDAYS ONLY

The OTN numbers will stay the same to ensure there are plenty of spares. This may also mean no Citaros will move from the 7series to Surrey/Beeline.

On the 31st August, we say farewell to Route 408 as it moves to its intended home at London OmniBus. The buses used will be re-deployed elsewhere, including Surrey Locals.

VP1090 has been returned from HN and trials back to London OmniBus

Southall (SA)

Due to bus shortages, the conversion of Route 456 to full allocated double decker with increased frequency will be deferred, thus incurring penalties for us (it is currently allocated single deckers, but using mostly double deckers due to . This has also led to Route 195 being pressured to be double decked (which has been costly as TfL also want it double decked, thus the contract has been surrendered).

Brentford (DI)

All ex-First buses have L1/Group logos applied and TEN111 is in a refurbishment at HN at the moment.

Wembley (WE)

Route 16 will fill the void that will be caused by the loss of Route 18.

Fulwell (LF)

The TEs for 85 and 213 are now being built and prepared at ADL Heathrow North.
The garage is now called LF - L1/Group Fulwell.

Byfleet (BF)

The garage will close on 31st August 2013 as all operations will move to Heathrow North.

L1/Romford Buses

Upminster (UP)

Route 375 will get a PVR increase to 12 as demand means an increased frequency to Epping Cock is needed.

Routes 372, EL1, EL2 when received, will be based here.
The launch routes for the Volvo B5LH/Plaxton Presiden will be the EL1/EL2 East London Transit buses, coded VP.

Hackney (HO)

The garage is renamed from "Lea Interchange", to reflect the garage code.

Route 425 have their new TEs delivered and are in service on the 425

Routes N550/N551 are now operated by L1/Romford Buses as of 31st August using existing TEs.

Stratford (SD)

DWs are now being removed from service so they can be prepared for the 205/438.

Upton Park (U)

No new changes

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