Monday, 30 September 2013

OmniBus News : September

London OmniBus have been struggling a little since the win of trunk route 18. As a result, a lot of shifting has had to take place:
- Route 18/N18 will be run from Harrow Weald (HD) using new E40H / Enviro400H buses
- Routes 398, 408, 421 (DD) and 640 will remain at Harrow Weald (HD)
- Route 114/N114 will be retransferred back to Hayes West (HS) to make room for 18/N18.

The contract for route 195 has also been surrendered due to pressure from both TfL and L1/Group to convert the route to double decker (which we have not been able to provide). However it has been recently announced that the contract was retained by us, and with assistance from L1/Group we hope to be able to provide the double decker service wanted  by February. 8 Scania OmniCitys were drafted in to cover the 195 whilst the 408 got a few MAN MCVs last month, which have all already begun service. The new buses on route 408 will take over soon, following which the original MCVs will transfer again to East Hayes and Byfleet (which we obtained through L1/Group) for new commercial services. Route 421 will also have a mild service increase with leftovers from the 195. The 195 will get the four B5LH hybrid buses from Harrow Weald, before they are replaced by new MAN 18.290 / Plaxton President buses (two of which are already in service on route 114) and the single Enviro400. A few E45Hs destined for route 18 have thus entered service on the 114, 335D, 421D and 640, whilst others can be found on driver training for routes 18 and N18.

Our new services from Byfleet are:
39A: Chobham-Woking (Mon, Wed, Fri)
39B: Hermitage Estate-Woking (Thurs)
39C: Claydon Road-Woking (Tues, Thurs)
40: Ripley-Woking (Tues)
81: Woking-Barnesbury Estate
84: Chobham-Collingwood College SCHOOLDAYS ONLY
570: Ashford Tesco/Staines-Grovebarns loop (Mon, Wed, Fri)
571/572: Staines-Grange Farm (Mon-Fri Limited Service)
574: Ashford-Sunbury Tesco (Tues, Thurs)
637: Byfleet-Salesian School SCHOOLDAYS ONLY
663: Walton-Esher High School SCHOOLDAYS ONLY
690: Worplesdon-Kingfield Green SCHOOLDAYS ONLY

Thanks for reading our post, and we will keep you updated in times of many changes!

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