Saturday, 12 April 2014

LONDON OMNIBUS CHANGES including route 49

Route 49 is now nearly a year old, and the service has been very successful indeed. However, to meet the growing demand for travel along this corridor, a number of service changes will take place, mainly to route patterns:

- 4 morning services will terminate at Legoland (Windsor) from High Wycombe
- A few services during the day from Staines will divert at Windsor for Eton Wick via Datchet (numbered 49A), journeys are either return journeys or operated in conjunction with the Legoland services.
- Not all services will serve Marlow Court Gardens, instead passing by on the A404 direct to Maidenhead. Please check the timetable for service details to Marlow
- All services will continue to serve Maidenhead Town Centre and Bray, no services will by-pass these centres. One service (the 1620 from High Wycombe) will terminate at Maidenhead, Frascati Way before returning to High Wycombe.

- Monday-Friday service will be increased from every 30 minutes to every 20 minutes with new earlier and later journeys from both termini but with some journeys terminating at Legoland or Eton.
- Saturday service will stay at every 30 minutes but with minor timetable alterations including services to Legoland and Eton.
- Sunday service will remain at every 60 minutes with extra shuttles to (AM) and from (PM) Legoland Windsor.

The new PVR for routes 49/49A is 13, which means that we have had to purchase some new buses:
- Following major engine problems with 923 (PO54ACJ), we have regrettably had to scrap this bus.
- Our new acquisitions include some new and used buses:
                                    YJ55WRC, numbered 301, VDL SB120 / Wright Cadet (temporary)
                                    SN56AYB, numbered 351, Enviro200 10.7m - already in service
                                    BU14EHW, numbered 118, Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 12m
                                    BU14EHY, numbered 119, Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 12m
New white blinds have been applied to all our remaining EVLs in preparation for these changes.

In addition, a special service will run tomorrow (13th April 2014) in a new venture from London OmniBus joint with London Bus Museum to provide long-distance services to Brooklands from Staines and High Wycombe. The service will be numbered 49C and will operate all day from High Wycombe to Brooklands with some journeys serving Marlow and others service Eton Wick between Maidenhead and Windsor. After Staines the route will follow L1/Heathrow Buses 73 to Weybridge before turning right into the LBM grounds. Please check the timetable for details.

The four buses running on this service tomorrow have been announced as:
#HS901 - Optare Versa 118 (BU14EHW)
#HS902 - Wright Eclipse 120 (BN14CVF)
#HS903 - Wright Meridian 111 (OM61BUS)
#HS904 - Leyland Lynx 105 (555MLX)
#HS905 - Optare Versa 883 (KX13DJW)
  with Versa 882 (KX13DJV) acting as our spare and President 963 (YN13AWT) on the Museum site

Finally, regular users can now opt to purchase the 49ticket, a new smartcard service which you can update with our London OmniBus app and make as many or as few journeys as you wish in any given time without being charged. A £10 deposit is required for the card; the app is free.

Other changes:
We have lost route U9 to Arriva the Shires, but won new routes 420 and 431.
     New Optare Versas have been ordered for route 420, and new buses have yet to be ordered for route 431. Route 420 follows much of our commercial route 45, and this will be discontinued when route 420 commences. Some services on route 41 (T6 - Britwell) will also be curtailed to West Drayton Station. The surplus buses from route 41 will transfer to route 49 to dispose of the old vehicles which have just entered service. Buses from routes U9 and 45 will either move to other areas within the company or transfer to Carousel Buses in High Wycombe.
     The new bus for route 421 has been announced as London's first Wright Eclipse, numbered 120 (BN14CVF), which was ordered alongside the two new buses for route 49.

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