Monday, 28 April 2014

L1/Group Tube Strike Notice 29-30/04/14

Due to the tube strike, extra buses will be put on certain routes. Bus types and single/double decker status may not be kept. Strike extra buses with no London ticket machine will be free. Some non-London buses will be used. All extras are controlled from Heathrow North Garage:

L1/Heathrow Buses:

Route 16 will have 10 extra buses on the route - some will be loaned from Thames Travel, Oxford Bus Company and Go-Ahead Group. Passengers are recommended to take the 758 when possible.

Route 83 will have at least 7 extra buses on the route. Some buses will be loaned from Metroline

Route 237 will have 10 single decker E25Hs on the route, of which 9 are loaned from Go-Ahead London.

Route 278 will have at least 10 extra buses, which will be loaned from various places. Convertible training buses will be used on the route. 

Route 335 will be using all stored buses from HN as the Citaros will be used on Route X91. London OmniBus peak hour journeys will run throughout the day. This means at least 10 extra buses will be used on the route.

Route 392 will have at least 20 extra buses. All spare NBfLs will be used, and some E45Hs in various states of refurbishment will be taken from HN. Routemasters will be used on the route. Some buses will be loaned from Reading Buses and some buses from London OmniBus will be used. The extra buses will do short runs Brentford-Brixton (Reading Buses will do Turnham Green-Victoria).

Route 456 will have 10 extra buses to supplement, including Routemasters. Some more extra buses will include Sky SoloSRs and E45H displaced from 311.
Route 607 will have 6 extra buses, 4 from Beeline, 2 loaned from various sources.

Route 666 will run every 15mins throughout the day, and all except the actual school journeys will omit The Ride (Gunnersbury School), running between Kew Riverside and Southall North (all journeys).

Routes U1 and U3 will have extra double deckers (U1 shorts between Uxbridge and Ruislip).

Route X91 will have approximately 15 extra buses. Most will be from Non-London operations and Route 335 - Citaros, E25H, Optare TempoSR, E40D. Some coaches may operate the route from RailAir and some hired coaches will run the route. 

7series 74, 75 - No peak extra buses will run due to the buses being used at London routes.

Other bus routes will have at least three extra buses to help ease crowding and conditions, these will usually be from within the company.

Green Line 701/702 will serve Heathrow North Garage and Terminal 6 between Langley and Hammersmith. Travel is free between Heathrow North and Victoria due to tube strike, service will run every 20 minutes (between Slough and Victoria, normal service Bracknell-Slough). For fairness of customers, all tickets valid to Langley/Slough will be valid to Victoria during the tube strike.
Extra buses will be from the Beeline, 7series, 5series, Surrey Locals and Hemel Hempstead, and hired coaches will be used.

Green Line 748/758 will be free between Brent Cross and Victoria, all tickets to Brent Cross are valid to Victoria. Extra coaches will be provided when possible.

L1/Romford Buses:

Routes 5, 15 and 115 - at least 10 extra buses for each route loaned from Ensignbus, First Essex and Arriva will be used on the route.

Routes 25 and 205 - at least 44 extra vehicles (some buses, some coaches) will be used (22 each), from various sources, including Alexander Dennis, loaned buses from London United, Reading Buses, First Essex, Ensignbus, Blue Triangle, London Bus Company, Stagecoach amongst others. These will run between Stratford and Centrepoint TCR (25)/Baker Street (205).

Route 69 will have at least 7 extra buses, loaned from various sources.

Route 278: see Heathrow Buses.

Route 438 will have at least 10 extra buses loaned from Stagecoach.

Most of these services are not organised by TfL, but rather by the L1/Group instead.

Those who have called up their own garages and have been told that there they are not on a specific route, or are willing to work during their days off for extra pay (which is being offered during the Tube Strike), call Heathrow North to register for duties on the extra buses. Most drivers will either get a route they have been trained for, or will have an instructor to help out.
Berkshire, Surrey and Hemel drivers who are willing to help out in London are most welcome to, just call up Heathrow North for allocations.

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