Thursday, 22 May 2014

chessingtonbuses News May 2014

L1/Heathrow Buses and Wellglade London (trading as chessingtonbuses) will split off operationally as planned from December 2014. Wellglade London will still share office with L1/Heathrow Buses at Heathrow North Garage, and some new route planning will be done by L1/Heathrow Buses due to their local knowledge. However, other than this, these two companies will no longer be in partnership. Fleets will be segregated, with different numbering systems. Walton Garage will be shared between the two companies, the code being WT (L1/Heathrow Buses) and WO (chessingtonbuses).

Wellglade London have announced that they have ordered 7 10.8m Optare TempoSR Hybrids for Route 465 when won in November 2014, and 3 E27H/Wright Nebula Eclipse. One demonstrator will be with Wellglade London on Route 166 before Route 465 is gained.

The new E25H/Enviro 200 buses for Route 166 have arrived and are ready for the gain of the Route 166 on the 31st May 2014.

L1/Cards will be valid on chessingtonbuses Routes a & b when they are introduced. E25H/Enviro200 ex-L1/Heathrow Buses will move to chessingtonbuses for this. These buses are ex-5series and TfL operations.

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