Monday, 2 December 2013

TfL Operator News November 2013 (except those with separate posts)

Operator Breakdown (a new section for each operator except ones involved in the blog):

Abellio London:
Route 407 has been retained with new hybrid double deckers, which will be E45Hs, built in Heathrow North ADL.
This will be also part of a batch for newly gained Walworth route 176/176N, compensating the loss of Route 100. This will use new E45Hs.

Arriva Group:
Arriva Kent Thameside have lost Route 286, buses from there will be dispersed and refurbished by L1/Group at HN.
Tellings Golden-Miller have won 475 (formerly 541) back from Trustybus and will run from Harlow using E25Hs.
Arriva have won the new route 442 (formerly 255 with Roadrunner Coaches) and from Enfield, will use E25Hs.

LT205-260 are delivered and ready for Route 38 in December.

CT Plus:
Route losses of the 153, 212 and 388 have made a large surplus of buses, including nearly the whole double decker fleet, which will be sold soon.

Ealing Community Transport:
For Routes 65/N65, a fleet of Volvo B5TL/Wright Gemini 3 will be ordered for the route, running from Greenford Depot.

Northumberland Park have won the Route 232 from Metroline. New E25Hs are ordered for the route.

We have lost Routes 113, N113, 232, 332 to L1/Heathrow Buses and London General/Tower Transit (the latter two). The TE/DEs will be subsequently replace more VP/L,TPs and DLDs in the fleet.

Routes 4, 43/43N will be using new Volvo B5LH/Gemini 3 from next year.

Route 390 has been converted to NBfL operation on the 30th December using LT181-204.

Route 71 is retained, but is moved to Tolworth (TV) in order to fit Route 22. Route N22 will run from AV. Route N65 will move to AV until it is lost. Route 120N will be run from HH using SPs as a result (permanently).
Routes 71, 281 and 281N (and 681) will have new E45Hs.

Route 49/49N being converted to NBfL means that some routes will move to PK, and Route 211 will move to Shepherd's Bush, and will be withdrawn between Stamford Brook and Hammersmith from March 2014.

London Sovereign Alperton Garage will operate the re-structured 239 won from L1/Heathrow Buses, using Optare TempoSR hybrids. Also, 10 new E45Hs are being delivered for the 182. The rest will be done by SPs ex-London United.

All London United SPs except those at HH will move to FW/TV eventually, or London Sovereign to replace SLEs and VPs.

Route 10 will be the next London United route to be converted to NBfL operation, allowing the last TAs to be withdrawn, and the first few SPs to be withdrawn too. This makes Stamford Brook Garage SP-free! The date will be mid-late 2014, confirmation on a firm date is underway. However, due to space constraints at Stamford Brook to turn around a bus, the route will be extended to Turnham Green, thus needing a PVR increase of 1.

Rumours that Henlev London will buy Tolworth Garage is false, and officials have said that "any discussions between London United and Henlev Group have reached a dead end, as we are unwilling to sell Tolworth Garage as it is deemed to be important for our expansion inside London"

Route 293 has been won back from Metrobus at Quality Line, Epsom. New Citaros have been ordered for the route.


The sale of Bow Garage, including E40Hs and Route 277/277N has been completed to the Transdev Group.

Sullivan Buses:
We have retained our revised 306, and we will use E20Ds on the route.

We have bought Bow Garage from Stagecoach Group and will run new contracts on the 100, 153, 286, as well as existing buses on the 277/277N. This new "O Licence" will be under "Transdev East London". The new hybrid buses will be the E25H

Tower Transit:
Routes 357 and 397, which will be run from Edmonton, is won. New Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini 3 will be ordered for the 357 and the Sunday service and 397 will be operated by new Optare Versas.

Route 224 gained from L1/Heathrow Buses will use new E25Hs at Willesden Junction.
New E45Hs will be delivered to Willesden Junction and Westbourne Park for Route 332, all built at ADL Heathrow North.

L1/Group Buses, London OmniBus, Henlev Group and Croydon Buses have separate pages where they provide more detailed news.

The TfL order for NBfLs have increased from 600+ to 700.

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