Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Croydon Buses goes international!

Croydon Buses has gone international with the purchase of Henlev's Malta and Gozo operations, for a undisclosed amount. The new operation will be branded Malta & Gozo Buses, and the current fleet will be refurbished or sold. The merged name will now be Bale Group Ltd and from the 16th of April 2014 Bale Group plc, as we are floating on the Stock Market with shares avalible for just £1. We have plans to replace many of the buses in Malta, such as the King Long's with new 9.5m WF Streetlites to  replace them. The bendy buses will be replaced with a mix of new Scania Citywide arctics and Solaris Urbino 18's. We shall be taking over the operation on New Years Day 2014. We shall post more info soon. We have also purchased 1 Dennis Pointer Dart, registered HW54BUV, and 4 Enviro 200's, registered LT63AGA-D. These are for our new shuttle route NHS1 between East and West Croydon stations and Croydon University Hospital. They will be repainted, but the interior will remain. We also are to trial on board wifi on these buses, plus the new buses for routes 64, 445, N64 and T31. The deal, worth £243.0000 will be supplied by Icomera of Sweden, and will be free to use. We also have purchased Hoeford depot in Hampshire from Henlev, and the operation will be branded Fareham Buses. The deal also included the routes E1 and E2 from Gosport to Fareham, and 17 B7RLE's with a Gemini body. The new buses will also receive Icomera WiFi. The trial will last 8 months and will be free to use. If successful, we have plans to roll it out across the entire Bale Group. It is unknown whether we will introduce a charge for this. 30% of Bale Group has been purchased by National Express. That's all from us, hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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