Monday, 10 June 2013

L1/Heathrow Buses Surrey Locals Livery Competition

(In WLTM, this would be held way earlier, but oh well!)

The L1/Group would like you (anyone) to design a livery on a bus for use in the L1/Heathrow Buses Surrey Locals. This livery has to use the colour blue or red or orange in some way at least.

The bus it will be based on will be either:
Alexander Dennis Enviro 200H
Volvo 7900
Mercedes Benz Citaro
Optare Tempo SR

(Volvo 7900/Citaro will not be used on Surrey Locals after it was decided that existing E20H and new Tempo SRs will be in use instead)

This will be used on the routes taken from Abellio Surrey, as the "Surrey Locals" livery. That is NOT a brand name though, but rather an "internal" official name for the group of routes.

Contact me via twitter ( @L1Group ) so that I can get the logos sent to you via email and I know you are entering the competition. PM me your email address so I can receive the entries.

Closing date for competition: 30th October 2013.
Decision will be made by 1st November 2013. Winner will be credited somehow. I don't have a material prize though.

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