Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Changes at London OmniBus + More Commercial Services

First up, recent changes:
- The Service Permit for 111H was cancelled by TfL and the service assumed control by them, the route will be tendered and awarded to another company on June 22nd.
- MB62BUS along with M524 and M1386 have passed to L1/Heathrow Buses
- LX3 has been renumbered 101 and reregistered 555MLX (was G7UYV)
- VLE27 has been renumbered 921 along with 7 other VLEs numbered 922-928 in order to double-deck route 49
- VA295, VP101 and VLP37 returned to Ensignbus
- ADE11 has been renumbered 951 and reregistered SN13ACH and will be allocated to the double deck support for route 421 at Hayes East garage
- 107-109 have received a new interior, new red and white exterior livery and new roller blinds
- Frequency on route 49 will be increased to every 30 minutes on 24th June



As mentioned in the previous post, we were considering the introduction of two new routes running out of Heathrow Terminal 6.
L1/Group have bought out the Slough garage, and as per usual, their acquisition has given us route 1B, running between Slough and Britwell via Slough Trading Estate. Our operation of route 1B will commence on June 22nd. For route 1B, 4 brand new Optare Versa 11.5m buses were ordered.

The decision for the two new routes running out of Heathrow Terminal 6 are:
41 - Terminal 6, West Drayton, Langley, Slough, Trading Estates, Britwell (replacing route 1B)
45 - Terminal 6, West Drayton, Iver, Gerrards Cross, Beaconsfield.

For route 41, 3 more Versas were ordered to complement the buses already on route 1B.
For route 45, 3 9.5m Versas were ordered as the route is tight in areas.

Both routes will be operated from Hayes East, and commence on the 13th July.

The new buses will fall into the fleetlist like this:
851 - Optare Versa 11.5m - KX13DJC - B44F - WS (for route 1B, and eventually 41)
852 - Optare Versa 11.5m - KX13DJE - B44F - WS (for route 1B, and eventually 41)
853 - Optare Versa 11.5m - KX13DJG - B44F - WS (for route 1B, and eventually 41)
854 - Optare Versa 11.5m - KX13DJL - B44F - WS (for route 1B, and eventually 41)
855 - Optare Versa 11.5m - KX13DJM - B44F - WS (for route 41)
856 - Optare Versa 11.5m - KX13DJP - B44F - WS (for route 41)
857 - Optare Versa 11.5m - KX13DJR - B44F - WS (for route 41)
871 - Optare Versa 9.5m - KX13DJT - B32F - WS (for route 45)
872 - Optare Versa 9.5m - KX13DJV - B32F - WS (for route 45)
873 - Optare Versa 9.5m - KX13DJW - B32F - WS (for route 45)

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