Monday, 25 May 2015

Novel Concept Tenders April-May 2015 (from TfL)

Tranche 316A:
373: Awarded to Romford Buses (permanent contract) with new hybrid buses, contract start 1st August 2015 (B5LH/President)

Tranche 316B:
139/139N: Awarded to London Sovereign (formerly Metroline) with new LT-class buses, contract start 22nd August 2015

Tranche 317:
210: Awarded to London United (formerly Metroline) with new hybrid buses, contract start 7th November 2015 (B5LH/President)
263: Awarded to New Citybus (formerly Metroline) with new hybrid start, contract start 21st November 2015 (E45H/E400MMC)

Tranche 318:
337: Awarded to The Original Tour/RATP (formerly London General) with new hybrid buses, contract start 22nd August 2015 (B5LH/President)

Tranche 319:
R68: Retained by Heathrow Buses with new hybrid double decker buses, contract start 22nd August 2015 (E45H/President)*

Tranche 320:
152: Awarded to chessingtonbuses (formerly Abellio London) with new hybrid buses, contract start 7th November 2015 (E27H/Nebula)

Tranche 321A:
374: Awarded to Romford Buses with new hybrid buses, contract start 1st August 2015 (E27H/Nebula)
483D: Awarded to Heathrow Buses with a new hybrid bus, contract start 20th June 2015 (B5LH/President)

Other News:

*Route R68 will initially have a mix of single deckers and double deckers, with an extension to Turnham Green Church. This will replace Route 483, which will be withdrawn between Kew Bridge and Kew Riverside, instead being extended to Brentford (Great West Quarter) via London Road and Ealing Road. A double deck peak hour extra will be tendered as Route 483D, and will run between Brentford/Great West Quarter and Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury's in both AM and PM peak periods. Route 338 will also start to run daily, with a limited daytime Sunday service. Stand changes will occur for Route E10. All these changes will occur on 20th June 2015.
Route R68 will move to Walton-on-Thames garage.

Route 471 will go to full L1/Romford Buses operation when the 1 is taken up by New Citybus due to the 471's buses being needed for the 1. The 471 is therefore to end the sub-contracting when the 1 is taken up, until all the new buses arrive for New Citybus to take over.

Route 139/139N will be retendered early, due to contractual issues. The route will be retendered and the route will gain LTs. The route will also be extended to Golders Green from West Hampstead.

Route N69 will be withdrawn between Barnet Church and Potters Bar, being replaced by an N20 extension to Potters Bar. This change will occur on 6th November 2015.

New Route 373 will run between Euston and Walthamstow Central via 253, 341, N73. Runs every 10 minutes.

New Route 374 will run between Upminster Station and Manor Park Station via Upminster Bridge, Hornchurch, Roneo Corner, Queens Hospital, Rush Green Road, Becontree Heath, Dagenham Heathway, Hedgemans Road, Becontree Station, Lodge Avenue, Upney, Barking, Burges Road, East Ham Station. Runs every 12 minutes.

LT Conversion Timetable (all LTs):
24 - 22nd June 2013 (LT9-36)
9 - 22nd June 2013 (LT37-49, 51-70, LT99)
11 - 21st September 2013 (LT70-98)
15 - 2nd November 2013 (LT100-111, 166-180)
392 - 2nd November 2013 (LT1, LT50, LT111-165)
390 - 30th November 2013 (LT181-204)
38 (and N38) - 7th December 2013 (LT2-8, LT205-260)
16 - 1st February 2014 (LT261-282, 284-286)
7 - 15th February 2014 (LT283, 287-315)
148 - 15th February 2014 (LT316-343)
311 - 5th April 2014 (LT344-371 - this includes a 392 increase)
49 - 7th June 2014 (LT372-396)
22 - 21st June 2014 (LT397-423)
10 - 1st November 2014 (LT424-452)
8 (and N8) - 1st November 2014 (LT453-485)
74 - 1st November 2014 (LT486-516 - this includes a 392 increase)
98 - 1st November 2014 (LT517-550)
159 - 13th December 2014 (LT551-589)
453 - 20th December 2014 (LT590-628)
C2 - 10th January 2015 (LT629-652)
137 - 21st March 2015 (LT653-687)
168 - 20th June 2015 (LT688-711) 
3 - August 2015 (LT712-)
139 - 22nd August 2015 

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