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London OmniBus in November

It's been a while, so here's the latest:

The previously launched 49 is running very successfully now, and hopefully very soon it will accept L'Card offered by L1/Group, alongside the 49ticket, contactless cards and ordinary cash payment. The timetable has not changed since its introduction in April, and services on route 49A continue to run to Eton via Datchet.
However, the ageing vehicles on the route (921-922, 924-928 which are VLEs ex-Sovereign) are beginning to be withdrawn. 4 new Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 buses have arrived from Southdown PSV to replace some VLEs - other new buses will be ordered in due course.
The Wrights are as follows:
901 - KX14CLN
902 - KX14CLO
903 - KX14CLP
904 - KX14CLR

greenline 718
The Greenline 718 will be introduced slightly later than originally planned, it will now be in late January (date tbc). The Wright Gemini 3 hybrid buses have now all arrived at HD and HS in preparation - all are taking part in driver training duties with the aim that when the ex-18 refurbished buses return to HD the route will be able to commence almost immediately. The fare system has not yet been finalised, but it is hoped that L'Card, contactless cards and cash payment will all be accepted.
The buses for Greenline 718 are as follows:
601 - LT63NKA
602 - LT63NKB
603 - LT63NKC
604 - LT63NKD
605 - LT63NKE
606 - LT63NKF
607 - LT63NKG
608 - LT63NKH
609 - LT63NKJ
610 - LT63NKK
611 - LT63NKL
612 - LT63NKM
613 - LT63NKN
966 - BN64COL
967 - BN64COM
968 - BN64CON
969 - BN64COR
970 - BN64COS
971 - BN64COU
972 - BN64COV
973 - BN64COY
974 - BN64COZ
LC1001 - 1CLT (NBfL introduced at a later stage with a conductor)

The buses from the 18 are currently in refurbishment, so 13 buses from L1/Group are covering. Eventually, these will transfer to their respective new operators and the 18's PVR will decrease from 50 to 38, and the 718 will cover with a PVR of 20 and a frequency of every 10 minutes to Harrow Bus Station, extended every 30 minutes to Watford Town Centre.
Watch out for adverts to know when this service will be launched!

Byfleet (BF) 39A/B/C 40 81 84 218(A) 570/1/2/4 637 663 690 701/2 X74
With the introduction of TFL route 420, the Optare Versas from route 45 transferred to Byfleet to act as spares. 881 has been sprayed into the '218A via Royal Estate' livery, thus replacing MCV Stirling 106, which has now been sold. 882 and 883 are in plain blue, and operate all routes at the garage.
The Railair 701 has had a timetable change which now includes services running to Aldershot via Woking (still numbered 701) and Aldershot direct (numbered 702).
It has also been announced that route K50 will be operated by London OmniBus this year, with a mixture of TFL-spec and non-TFL buses. These will include the MAN/MCVs already in operation on our Surrey routes, the Optare Versas from discontinued route 45, the National Express buses from routes 701/702, the ex-U9 buses and the buses currently on route 49. The Wrights for route 718 will be thus utilised on route 49 until the K50 has finished.

East Hayes (EH) 41 65 74 112 223 420 431
EH has recently taken on a unique batch of vehicles - these being the only Volvo B8RLEs to be bodied by the older style Eclipse body. They have had a few slight style changes to accommodate the new chassis and also to reflect the Gemini 3 (eg daytime running lights), however they will be the only of their type as Wright are now configuring their new body for the B8RLE chassis.
These new buses are as follows:
121 - BN64CNC
122 - BN64CNE
123 - BN64CNF
124 - BN64CNH
125 - BN64CNJ
126 - BN64CNL
127 - BN64CNM
128 - BN64CNO
129 - BN64CNP
130 - BN64CNR
121 is in fact at HS for another PVR increase on route 421, and 122-130 are at EH for new route 431 which runs from Harrow to Radlett via Harrow Weald & Bushey Heath.

The new buses for route 420 are Optare Metrocitys with Cummins engines, and are as follows:
864 - YJ14BWH
865 - YJ14BWJ
866 - YJ14BWL
867 - YJ14BWN
868 - YJ14BWO
869 - YJ14BWS
870 - YJ14BWT
Routes 420 and 431 are running very successfully.

The contract for route U9 passed to Arriva the Shires on 1st November - the four buses allocated to the route will move to route K50, following which they will probably be sold.

West Hayes (HS) 49(A) 114 195 335D 421 E3D
London OmniBus have won the contract for route E3D, running from Gunnersbury Sch to Chiswick, Barrowgate Road. This will use the single Enviro400 in our fleet - 951, SN13ACH - and will interwork with the 335D.

Harrow Weald (HD) 18 335D 398 408 421 640 N18 N114
The temporary loan buses for route 18 are:
TE206 - LN59ASH
TE207 - LN59ASJ
TE208 - LN59ASK
TE209 - LN59ASL
TE210 - LN59ASM
TE275 - LN59DSY
TE276 - LN59DSZ
TE282 - LN59DTF
TEL303 - LN59EST
TEL304 - LN59ESW
TEL305 - LN59ESX
TE388 - LT10AAA
These are all from L1/Group, and will transfer to various other operators after they have finished their service with us, including Stagecoach Manchester and Yellow Buses, Bournemouth.

The London OmniBus Company

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