Thursday, 11 July 2013

Route 456 "Type Trials"

Recently, the 456 has gained a number of buses, including an Electrocity, Optare Versa hybrid, Optare Tempo Hybrid, Volvo B5LH, VDL for a trial to see which bus would be best for the L1/Group, in addition to the Enviro 200H and 400H. These are some of the buses on trial:

All E20H/E40H are from normal L1/Group fleet.

WE1-5 - LJ57 YAY, YAX, YBA, YAW, YBB ex-Abellio London. These are for sale at the moment.
WE6 - LX11DVB on loan from Go-Ahead London Central

DW1091(T) - LJ09 KRN on loan from Arriva
DW1282 - LX58 CWJ ex-GAL - London demonstrator

Volvo B5LH:
VW1090(T) - LK62 DXG on loan from Metroline
VP1090(T) - YN13 AWT on loan from London OmniBus

Optare Versa Hybrid:
OV1 - OP07 ARE ex-GAL - London demonstrator

Optare Tempo Hybrid:
OTT1 - YJ08 PGO on loan from Stagecoach
OTT2 - WLT 461 on loan from Stagecoach
OT3 - YH13 DTS on loan from Optare - TempoSR, London demonstrator

Optare Metrocity Hybrid:
OM1 - OP13 ARE on loan from Optare - London demonstrator

Enviro 400 Diesel:
TEN69 - SN09 CEX ex-First - part of L1/Group fleet

Volvo B9TL:
VMN1 - BX62 UXV demonstrator, will move to London United as VM2

Volvo 7900:
V609 - HN13 GSA owned by L1/Group, London demonstrator

Mercedes-Benz Citaro Hybrid:
MC669 - LN13 PYP owned by L1/Group

Enviro 200 Diesel:
DEN69 - YT13 UTP on loan from London United

MAN 14.240/Enviro 200:
MEN1 - YX58 DXD on loan from Metrobus

The trials will end on the 19th July.

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